LeggingsI’ve never been a formal dresser. I have multiple pairs of jeans in three different sizes in my drawers (don’t laugh—I know a lot of you have the same clothes in multiple sizes) and a zillion T-shirts. I quite like dresses, but finding reasonably priced dresses to fit is hard if you’re busty, so I rarely wore them. But i refused to switch to yoga pants or leggings. That was where I drew the line. I mean, I am overweight and I figured I didn’t need help looking like a slob. And in my mind, leggings always looked sloppy.

But I had a great pair of elastic-waist pants from JJill that looked semi-fancy. In fact, I had several. And I’d never have ventured to the world of leggings except that JJill discontinued my favorite pants. Oh, the HORROR! I searched for ones in the same style everywhere but couldn’t find anything even remotely similar. I am not a fashionista, so I asked a friend and she said “try searching for loose leggings.”

Well, I didn’t find what I was looking for. But I did find that the world of leggings was larger than I’d thought. As was the wonderful world of tunics that could go over the leggings. I stuck mostly to black leggings, being subdued by nature, but I was having trouble finding appropriate butt-hiding clothes to go over them that washed easily.

One of my friends said “have you tried LuLaRoe?” Now, let me remind you—I am not a fashion maven. I had no idea what that even meant. Was it a store? I searched for it online and saw a bunch of “consultants” selling it, which meant, to my uninformed self, home parties. No way was I doing that, so I tossed it in the brain barrel and went on my way.

Until a friend mentioned that she was a consultant and sold her clothes through a Facebook group. Let me tell you something, if you like comfortable clothes and have a Facebook account, hie thee to Katee Hird’s LulaRoe FB group. The clothes are super cute, stretchy, and comfy. It’s a bit crazy when consultants have sales (Katee has hers every Wednesday, at least) because they’ll only get one or two of a piece in and you’re madly typing “sold!” It’s kind of like treasure hunting at a flea market and hoping you spot the treasure before the next guy.

A few of my LuLaRoe patterns...this girl's gone wild!

A few of my LuLaRoe patterns…this girl’s gone wild!

I now have tons of leggings. And tons of “Perfect Tees” and “Irmas” to go over the top and cover my rear. My husband occasionally sighs, so then I put on one of my cute dresses. But the next day, it’s back to leggings.

How about you? Leggings or no? I promise not to judge!