majolica berry pitcher

How many of you collect antiques?

Tins, pottery, linens, toys? There is nothing I love better than exploring an antique mall or attending an outdoor event. The best feeling in the world is discovering a hidden treasure.

When we lived in Vermont, I antiqued every single weekend. Now I wait for special events, like the Elm Bank Antique Show.

One of my favorite collections is majolica. My mom got me hooked on this beautiful pottery. Majolica describes a style of pottery that is decorated with bright lead glazes and often natural themes, like plants/flowers. It also applies to the 16th century Spanish/Italian earthenware of similar design that had tin glazes.

Unlike some other collectors, I don’t care if a piece has a chip or scratch. I’m not looking for perfection or thinking about resale value. I tend to pick pieces that appeal to me because of the colors/themes.

If I find a piece with bold flowers–something I’ve never seen before–I’ll snatch that up. I love this sweet pitcher, and I use it all the time for fresh flower arrangements.

majolica flower pitcher

Here’s a piece I found at the Elm Bank Antique Show, and it’s absolutely gorgeous and unique. It has a cherry blossom motif.

Majolica Chinese cherry blossom

Majolica comes in all different sizes, too. I’ve seen massive planters that are stunning.

majolica pitchers 2 sizes

Several pieces of my collection are from my mom. She got this lovely pitcher when she was traveling around Europe as a college student. I call it my “sangria” pitcher for obvious reasons…wink wink!

majolica sangria pitcher

My mother used to collect tea sets, and this bright yellow set is amazing.

Majolica yellow teaset

How to display a collection like this? I have glass-fronted cabinets in my kitchen, so a whole shelf is used to display my pottery. I also use these all the time…they are the perfect size for flower arrangements.

Majolica in cabinet

Do you have any special antique collections? Let me know! I would love to hear about them, and where you find your treasures.

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Have a great weekend!