SheepfaceThing have been a trifle gloomy of late, but then a friend I haven’t seen in years mentioned she would be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. For years, I’ve wanted to go to the S&W festival in Rhinebeck, NY, but it’s always on a weekend I have a conference. But wonder of wonders, I had hotel points to get a room in Maryland, and I could get out of town for the weekend, so it was off to the festival!

It was rainy and nasty, but it totally did not matter. The place was enormous and FULL OF YARN. Sheep in every stage of life—babies being raised by local 4-H troops, herding dogs showing off their prowess moving sheep around a pasture, grown ewes and rams being shown as breeding stock, shorn sheep and unshorn sheep, roving, hides, meat, cheese, and yarn.

Let me say that again…YARN. SO MUCH YARN. Literally entire barns full of yarn. Every conceivable color and size. And not just yarn from sheep, though there was plenty of that…


But also yarn from goats


And yarn from alapaca

And even yarn from Rabbits! (Did you know…mohair yarn comes from angora goats, but angora yarn comes from angora rabbits.)


Yeah, I got a bunch more yarn. More yarn that I didn’t strictly speaking need. But much as I loved the shopping, the hanging out with my friends and seeing the animals was the best part.