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Hi, everyone! I’m very pleased to be here on Happy Heart Reads! I thought I’d talk today about a controversy that was first raised, as far as I know, in Neil Simon’s play “Any Wednesday” — which makes you happier, a bouquet of flowers or a balloon?

This conundrum reappears in my latest book, Found: One Secret Baby. The heroine, Rosalie Walker, spent many of her growing up and young adult years caring for her late mother, who loved flowers. But Rosalie has always had a secret longing for balloons. This is how she explains it to her hero, Morgan Danby, when Joey, her foster son (and the son of Morgan’s step-brother) wants a balloon at the zoo.

“Me! Me!” Joey bounced up and down in the stroller.

“I don’t think so.” Rosalie swallowed a wistful sigh. She’d always loved balloons. “Balloons break and make a big noise.”

“Balloons are so sad,” she’d heard her mother say again and again over the years. “They waste away to ugly little lumps of rubber. Not like flowers.”

Flowers are alive and die, Rosalie had always wanted to protest. She hadn’t, of course, but a little part of her still wanted the balloon she never got.

“Me! Me!” Joey continued, well on the way to a tantrum.   balloons-1211008_960_720

Morgan came up with their tickets. “Me what?”

“He wants a balloon.” This time she did sigh.

“What color?”

He reached for his wallet, but she stopped him.

“It’ll just break.”

“So what? He’ll enjoy it while he has it, and if it breaks, he’ll learn something about brightly colored objects.”

The balloon man had noticed them.

“I love to see a happy family,” he called with a grin. “For you, two balloons for the price of one.”


Of course, at this point they aren’t a family yet, but Rosalie does get her balloon — a big golden one, like the sun — and by the end of the books she and Morgan (and Joey) get their happily ever after, too.

So, which side of the debate are you on? Would you prefer to have your hero to give you lovely roses or bright, bouncy balloons?



Born in California (and always a California girl at heart), I now live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I wrote my first novel at the age of seven – a saga about a family of chipmunks and the family of ducks who lived in the pond next door. I’ve been writing ever since, have published some non-fiction and a poem or two, and once even had a ten-minute one act play produced by a local theatre. 2010 RWA Golden Heart® finalist represented by the Greyhaus Agency.

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