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Award-winning author Penny Watson writes feel-good fiction with a side of quirk. She loves to blend genres, push limits, and try new things. No matter what she writes, it always has a happy ending.

Penny was a botanist in her former life and began her publishing career with scientific journals. Now she lets her muse run wild, penning quirky love stories, North Pole adventures, and even childrens’ books about a superhero weenie dog.

She currently resides outside of Boston with a fly-fishing obsessed husband, two spirited Filipino kids, and Lucy, the Original Wonder Weenie.

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thumbnailLEXXI CALLAHAN was born in New Orleans but her family moved before she was old enough to protest.  New Orleans is still the home of her heart so she sets as many stories as she can in NOLA because she loves the city and its a great excuse to visit because…research. Mr. Lexxi has no problem with this. Their real romance started in NOLA so it’s a special place for both of them and fortunately they live driving distance from the Big Easy.

Lexxi writes shorter category style contemporary romance set in the deep south. It is always sexier than she means it to be and she’s frequently shocked that she actually wrote those scenes…you know the ones.  So Lexxi’s real identity is top secret although most of her buddies from her writing world know who she is. It’s the real life people she hides from.

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Laura K CurtisLAURA K. CURTIS gave up a life writing dry academic papers for writing decidedly less dry short crime stories and novel-length romantic suspense and contemporary romance. A member of RWA, MWA, ITW, and Sisters in Crime, she has trouble settling into one genre. In 2015 alone, she had two romantic suspense novels—Echoes and Mind Games—from Penguin, a self-published contemporary in her “Goody’s Goodies” series about women who sell adult toys, and a short Gothic piece in Protectors 2: Heroes, an anthology to benefit PROTECT.org.

Laura lives in Westchester county, NY, with her husband and two wild Irish Terriers, who have taught her just how easily love can coexist with the impulse to kill.

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